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        北京金东山机械设备有限公司成立于2004年,是一家以冷饮设备、游乐场场景设备为主导产品的加工企业。引用美国、韩国先进技术,专业从事研发、生产、销售及服务为一体的现代化企业。本公司专业生产雪冰机、飘雪机、雪碗机、暴风雪机、刨冰机等机器,多年的生产经验使我们深知,产品使用稳定性,耐久性及维护性对一个企业的发展是多么的重要,因此公司从研发到到售后服务的每个环节,我们都精益求精、力求完美、确保每一个客户从我们提供的产品和服务中获得最大的价值。公司拥有专业的技术工程师、高端的技术人才和高素质的销售服务人员,可以全方面的为客户统一生产、统一销售、统一配送,并且提供完善及时的售后服务,公司始终以“以人为本,科技领先,诚信经营创知识品牌”为宗旨 一如既往为客户提供可靠的产品完善的服务共同发展共创佳绩!
       Beijing jindongshan machinery equipment co., ltd was established in 2004, is a cold drink equipment, amusement park scene equipment as the leading product processing enterprise. Citing the United States, south Korea advanced technology, specializing in r & d, production, sales and services as one of the modern enterprises. Our company specializing in the production of snow ice machine, snow machine, snow bowl machine, blizzard, ice crusher and other machines, many years of production experience has made us aware, product use stability, durability and maintainability of a business is how important, so the company from r & d to every link of after-sales service, we all strive to perfect, to ensure that every customer from the products and services provided the maximum value. The company has the professional technical engineers, the high-end technical personnel and high-quality sales service personnel, can all aspects of the customer unified production, unified sales, unified distribution, and provides the perfect and timely after-sales service, the company always with " people - oriented, technology leading, integrity management knowledge brand" for the purpose as always for the customer to provide reliable products and perfect service together to create good results!Welcome the new and old customers at home and abroad to visit mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial cooperation!   

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